WHEN:          FROM  4rd September TO 8th September 2017

The members of project team: Metka Nosan, Jadranka Prodnik, Marjana Leva Bukovnik, Mojca Sendelbah and the headmaster of our Vocational College, master of sciences, Mr Bojan Sešel took part at final meeting at the Higher Business School, Leskovac, Serbia.

1st DAY – 5th September 2017


On Tuesday, 5 September 2017, we had the first working meeting, which was opened by the school’s director, Ms Milena Marjanović.

In the continuation, the members of the project teams reviewed the achieved results of the one-year work. We checked the realization of the set goals and examined the final version of Practical Training Manuals, which was also issued in a physical printed form.

The work group continued its work on preparations for the press conference scheduled for Thursday, 7 September 2017. A framework program was agreed on. We have defined the contents to be submitted to the media and the participants present.

2nd DAY – 6th September 2017


On Wednesday, September 6, 2017 we had a cultural and historical tour of »Justiniana prima« – »Caričin grad« , historical city, located 30 km from Leskovac. The city was built by the great Byzantine Emperor Justinian I (527-565), by numerous sources as a sign of gratitude to the place in which he was born. The location extends to 42,000 m². The city was an important church, administrative and military center. The city is in the process of restoration and it was interesting to watch and talk with young restorers of floor mosaics.

On the way to Leskovec, we stopped at village Lebani in the social enterprise “Radanska  Ruža”. The company was founded in 2015 within the framework of the project “Social entrepreneurship for a socially responsible society”. The project was financed by the European Union, the Swiss Government and the Government of the Republic of Serbia through the European PROGRES program. The company manually processes fruit and vegetables and produces a famous ajvar, jams, “slatko”, pickled salads and juices. They employ 22 women with disabilities, single parents, older than 50 years. We have been accepted by the management of the company, which with great enthusiasm and proudly represents the importance of employment in this environment.

3rd DAY – 7th September 2017


At 11.00, the press conference was held, at which the management and project coordinators of the two schools presented existing cooperation between the schools and of course, the goals and results of the project to the public and the media,. As an example of the good practice of practical training for students of the College of Leskovac Business School, Ms Ivana Micić, Director of the Credit Agricole Bank Leskovac and the student of specialist studies, Kristina Ilic, presented their views. This was followed by an exchange of views between representatives of the economy, the Chamber of Commerce and students.

4th DAY – 8th September 2017


Working meeting with the conclusion of the project:

  • Review of the content of the website – agreement and distribution of tasks for the final publication of the results of the project.
  • The possibilities of continuing work on the content of the project.
  • Review of the contents of the press conference in Celje – video conference arrangement.
  • Distribution of tasks for the final project report.

A visit to the Leskovac National Museum and a tour of the exhibited objects from the »Justiniana Prime«, which we visited on Wednesday.

After the meeting, a visit to the Vučje hydroelectric plant, wich was set up in 1903. bOTH original hydroaggregateS SIEMENS & HALSKE still operate in it, and in 1931 the third hydrogeaggregate of the Swedish brand ASEA was put into operation.

5th DAY – 9th September 2017


On Saturday, 8 April 2017 we met for the last time with the school management, Ms Milena Marjanović, and summarized the fundamental conclusions of our mutual cooperation now and in the future.